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“Good evidence of Soy Andina's broad-based appeal -- immigrants and Peruvians identify more with Nelida, the immigrant; Americans more with Cynthia, the Peruvian-American. The audiencer was completely enchanted with being able to accompany these characters on their journey. So many seemed to be touched, as if remembering there own coming of age journey...congradulations, a very touching story. ”
- Edward Hermoza Kramer, producer
“Wonderfully uplifting...a great film ”
- Candace Schermerhorn, Santa Barbara International Film Festival
“El documental es muy apasionante, vives junto a las protagonistas sus danzas, su forma de ver la realidad de una cultura para la mayoría de los peruanos esta a un lado. Siempre estas al pendiente de que puede suceder o cómo van a reaccionar a ciertas cosas. Los paisajes que muestran son preciosos, pues yo al igual que las protagnoistas (sobretodo cinthia), me gusta mucho los bailes peruanos: la marinera, el tondero, nogroide (musica negra), etc. Como dice Cinthia es genial sentir la musica cuando estas bailando.”
- Sandra Huerta ( Clase Producción de Medios Audiovisuales De la Pontificia Universidad Católica del Perú)
“Me gusto mucho y me senti muy identificada porque mis padres son japoneses, pero yo naci en el Peru y se lo que puede ser los choques culturales. Lo que creo que podrian incorporarse elementos culturales como la comida, las flores y paisajes.”
- Raymi Shinoda (Clase Producción de Medios Audiovisuales De la Pontificia Universidad Católica del Perú)
“Everyone in my party − teens from 3 different continents − really enjoyed the film and commented on how passionate and beautiful it was. Each of the kids at some point said "Hey! - It's like that in my country too!" -- then related a story about their own countries -- it was amazing. They completely connected with the story and the experiences of Neli and Cynthia. - ”
- Angela Fuhrken, Young Life
“A great first film.”
- Cecilia Salvatierra, Ph.D. Anthropology, CUNY
“Well done! I enjoyed the film, though was a little sad not to see more of Neli and the Fiesta Patronal in it.”
- Antoinette Maclachlan
“I thought the film was wonderful, heartfelt, worthy, and important to so many people in the immigrant community (that's all of us when you look at it historically). ”
- Bev Grant, singer/songwriter
“I really had a nice time and loved seeing the film. Mazel Tov!”
- Steve Mendelsohn, executive director, Arts Engine
“Wow! We really enjoyed it! Renee, our 15-year-old daughter, is absolutely ready to take Peruvian dance class. Me, too! ”
- Amy Drezner
“Everyone seemed so engrossed and "into" the film. My friend's Peruvian boyfriend was commenting throughout the film − 'I've been there,' 'I used to go to that school,' 'I know that place,' etc. It really seemed to strike a chord.”
- Gary Tracy, Optometrist
“Quite a night! - The movie was sweet, sad, funny and hopeful.”
- Mitch Karig
“A week later, and the film has really stayed with me -- a sign of it's power. It's an inspiration.”
- Mehr Mansuri, artistic director, Children's Theater Company, NYC
“I am writing to thank you for such a wonderful film. Your film hit close to home. We were choked up throughout. it was almost as if we had visited all of our relatives that we haven't seen in a long while....”
- Juan Placencia, Oh! Calamares", Kearny, NJ
“A magnificent tribute to cultural re-awakening”
- Rick Vecchio, Peru Times
“I loved the movie! It actually moved me to tears a little bit! Maybe I was a little extra emotional, but there was just an incredible energy in that room, and the Q&A session afterwards was very cool too. Many of my friends are Peruvian and they absolutely loved it as well. You really captured a very special story that so many people can relate to. ”
- Rachel Caplan
“Now I realize what a crazy man you are, to have made your first film (as producer AND director) in the Andes. Whew, baby, it's like deciding to learn to walk a tightrope while already on a wire strung between the Empire State and Chrysler buildings!”
- JK Canepa
“"Felicitaciones! It really captures Peru..shows people just how rich Peru is. Soy Andina is a joyous celebration and we certainly need more of those! ”
- Ben Box, editor, Footprint Peru
“Orgullosa y feliz de haberte conocido en una noche profunda donde pensamientos y sentimientos sagrados nos permitieron re-encontrarnos con nuestra verdadera identidad....Yo tambien soyandina, llevo con orgullo un apellido quechua que hace tornear los ojos a quienes se enteran del lugar de mi nacimiento. Tu hermana andina... ”
- Ana Maria Quispe
“Hola, vi la pelicula dos veces, y creo que tiene todo lo que vivimos los peruanos en tierras lejanas con respecto a nuestras costumbres, se que estas preocupado por la critica de las personas, pero en este mundo nadie es igual a nadie y las cosas las recepcionamos de diferente manera, si crees que estas dando el mensaje que tu quieres, de verdad, asi lo es. Un abrazo ”
- Logina Pango
“I had the wonderful opportunity to attend the Soy Andina screening a the Kearny Public Library and had a great time....Soy Andina was excellent!!! ”
- Karla Corcuera
“Thanks for putting together an excellent documentary about Peru's customs.....My biggest observation is how Cynthia left the U.S a girl and came back a woman...It took courage...I think we can all learn from Nelida about how proud we all should be about our ancestry. Nelida showed how deep her roots are....This documentary reminded me of the essence that makes a person and a nation. ”
- Renato Varas
“A very progressive film that everyone who opposes war and racism should come and see. One of the film's main messages is about respect for the indigenous culture...this film richly deserves our support. This is not only an important film, but a necessary one.”
- Dave Schraeger
“A stunning and life-affirming experience! ”
- Anne Libby, yoga teacher/managment consultant
“It was so fun to see the cultural snapshots of Peru and its beautiful landscape. I wanna go! ”
- Michelle Coe, Women Make Movies
“I was delighted with the reaction of my friends that came to see the premiere, none of whom were Peruvian, and they were so touched by the film which just proves how people from all cultures can really relate to this story”
- Leda Duif
“Soy Andina is a monumental of the first documentaries about Andean identity, music, dance and migration ”
- Julio Noriega, Professor of Spanish, Denison University
“Soy Andina is a wonderful film that highlights the universal motives underlying the experience of immigration, uprooting and re-definition of identity -- a top-notch contribution to the Hispanic heritage of the United States. ”
- Claudio Ivan Remeseira, Director, The Hispanic New York Project, Columbia U.
“What an accomplishment. It's really, really good!”
- Alina Bloomgarden
“I had the opportunity to see your film and my excitement is not enough to tell you what a brilliant work you've done. The parallel life of the two women is incredible, the quest for cementing their roots is so strong. The intimacy created between the camera and the characters is moving, it really feels like in the first person. I think peruvians will never end thanking you for showing us how important to hold on to our roots is. Thank you from the bottom of my heart ”
- Ana de Orbegoso, artist
“A a lovely portrait documentary that people should see”
- Steven Hyde, producer, Shikashika
“So I got out my DVD and watched it again. Really wonderful -- each time I get more out of it! ”
- Joy Watnick Soul
“Awesome! Nelida and Cynthia are both such great women. ”
- Elizabeth
“Congrats on the broadcast! It really is fantastic how far you’ve brought this lil’ baby! ”
- Angela Martinez, producer
“Great Q&A on the Voces site! ”
- Gabriella Bohm
“I want to congratulate for this film because it combines the richness of Peru's art/culture with the feeling that is present in almost every immigrant in this country. This feeling is not being talked about, it is not being addressed in any way. I would like to get the movie to showcase it within our group and concentrating in this issue.”
- Isabel Castillo, Latin American Network, Unitarian Universalist Congregation, Bethesda, MD.
“I love this film! It particularly speaks to the dance anthropologist in me. So much richness, joy, discovery, culture. I'm looking forward to watching it again and sharing it with friends. A must see!”
- Hope Jinishian, dance anthropologist
“The film was great, you made it! I cried twice in the film and got very moved by the comments of people. ”
- Fernanda Rossi, story consultant
“The film was really uplifting, culturally enriching, and fun!”
- Danielle Zambito
“I really enjoyed it! The film and dance all made for a great screening event! ”
- Agnes Varnum, documentary film consultant
“I really liked it....both characters seemed larger than life, so much intensity and passion”
- Carlos Guitierrez, Cinema Tropical
“I've followed the development of your documentary for quite a while. I have worn out the replay button on my computer from playing and replaying the dance clips. I am Peruvian and the emotion one feels when the drum starts to roll at the beginning of a Marinara is incredible. I just wanted to thank you for the interest you've shown in my country. Through your clips, I see how you see my country, and your vision is beautiful.”
- Alejandra Wong, Indiana
“Hola, My name is Rebeca I came to live in California when I was 9. my mother tought me how to dance the Marinera, Tondero, Huaino y el Vals Peruano my dream is to one day go back to peru and learn more about our dances. Soy Andina brought tears to my eyes, it was like watching one of my dreams on film. There is something about Peru and its culture that is and always will be a part of me!”
- Rebeca Quintana
“A beautiful film of an amazing spiritual journey! This film sheds light on biculturalism, merging of old worlds with new visions, and the courage to believe and follow your dreams! Loved every minute of this beautiful film. my favorite part of the film, that I am thrilled you had the intuition and craft to include: The part where Cynthia describes dancing tondero as feeling love for someone although they may not be there or do not exist at the moment....that part was brilliant! Thanks again for sharing and bringing to light our experience. ”
- Katty Rivera, Nuestra Comunidad newspaper
“Loved it, a wonderful film. Hard to stop smiling and moving my body! Filled with joy and music, the film provides a wonderful portrait of rural and urban Peru, Peruvian migrants to the United States, and people’s search for identity and meaning in their lives.”
- William P. Mitchell, Professor of Anthropology, Monmouth University
“I was so moved by this movie! As a Peruvian American born here in the United States, I could fully appreciate the struggles of a second generation immigrant seeking to figure out her identity. This movie addresses other important societal issues such as challenges for first generation immigrants, discrimination, and modern day cross continental family relationships. Simultaneously, the movie manages to demonstrate the Peruvian culture in such a beautiful manner. I highly recommend this movie. ”
- Elisabeth Ruiz (immigration attorney)
“Esta pelicula es tan interesante y buena... como lo conpenetraste tu, como estrangero, con todo este sentimiento Peruano?... lo hiciste tan bien.”
- Rocio Palomino
“"this project will be of great interest to scholars and researchers." ”
- Roselly Torres, Latin American Video Archives
“Soy Andina es un documental producido por Mitch Teplitsky, un americano enamorado de Peru, especialmente de LLamellin, que trata la experiencia de 2 bailarinas, una nacida en LLamellin, Nelida Silva, y la otra Nacida en Queens New York, Cynthia Paniagua. El documental refleja la profuna escencia de la musica Peruana que tiene el poder de ejercer influencia sobre un hermozo proceso de transformacion y afianzamiento de identidad de Cynthia, cuando decide pasar un año aprediendo danzas en Peru.”
- Isaac F. Aguero
“What a joy to see your wonderful film and Cynthia's stunning live dancing....Cheers and congratulations on your marvelous film...both dancers in it are such refreshing images of grace in this complicated modern world! I know my weak older sister is going to be motivated to dance when she sees the film! wink
- Abbie Bingham Endicott

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