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“Nelida and Cynthia came in the nick of time; their dancing held me through my chronic fatigue.”
- Cecilia C.
“I lived and worked in Peru from 2005-2007; your film brought back lots of memories, and tears to my eyes.”
- Laura
“Soy Andina imediately hit a cord since I am also half-peruvian and have had a desire to discover my roots. My brother went to the premiere and loved it. I think it was part of the reason he decided to go to Peru for the first time.”
- Tania
“Congratulations on the Lincoln Center events. You are an inspiration to all of us in your dedication to your creative spirit.”
- Bill Grover
“I love that you made a movie that most of the world can connect with...audiences won't forget it.”
- Tom Hanlon "I love that you made a movie that most of the world can connect with. The protagonist is so approachable. We were all youngsters once, and her struggles were different enough to be interesting but similar enough to connect with...audiences won't forget it." Tom Hanlon-Wilde, Equal Exchange
“I wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed Soy Andina -- even more the second time!”
- Mitch Karig
“I am not Andean and have never been in Peru, but am so glad I saw your movie (at Lincoln Center). I had tears in my eyes most of the time. It was really beautiful and I am glad I learned more about being Latina, being part of this big group of wonderful cultures.”
- Denise
“The film is amazing.”
- Ivan Rebolledo president Bolivian-American Chamber of Commerce
“Seeing your film again, after a year, stirred up the same emotions, but I enjoyed this version even more. It is purely delightful to see these two women dance. Cynthia is absolutely charming, both as a dancer and a human being. I am also glad you should us terrific landscapes and food that jumps off the screen! ”
- Cristina Altieri & Richard Martinez
“I just got back from a screening of "Soy Andina" at Lincoln Center. What an inspirational, moving film! I was on the verge of tears throughout the entire screening (happy, proud tears). I was born in Peru and grew up in NY. Your film made me miss my country and reignited the desire to share my culture with my son. I really felt connected to to Cynthia, since I grew up in Queens and my son is half Puerto Rican like her...a Peru Rican:)”
- Seanna
“A great evening (Lincoln Center) and a big success. Glad to see the six years of work finally paying off. Being a movie director is one hell of a chick magnet, I should try it sometime! Congrats on a great turnout and premiere event. Watch out Brandjolina!”
- Chris, American
“I thought Soy Andina was a really great movie! Congratulations!”
- Hiromi Oikawa
“Tuesday night rocked! Very professional and heartfelt at the same time. Excellent Q & A too.”
- Nicole Gabei
“I was really impressed. The film was beautiful to watch, and most importantly, as all good films, one cared about the characters. I've already told a bunch of people that they must see it...I will be proud to own the DVD.”
- Miriam
“We enjoyed the film immensely!”
- Doris
“The film was just lovely. I really enjoyed it.”
- Lisa Skriloff, Publisher, Multicultural Marketing News
“What an exquisite have captured the heart of a story which speaks to any of us who have "left home." The dancing and music uplift and invite. My life is richer for this brief, yet powerful and lasting connection with the spirit of Peru. Thank you, Mitch, Nelida, Cynthia, and all the awesome folks who participated in this project.”
- Claire Mandeville
“I felt I was watching authentic Peruvian dancing as it is still done in small towns in Peru, not something polished up for Americans....Watching the stories of both a Peruvian woman who learned these dances when she was learning to walk in a small Peruvian village, and a young "American" dancer who had to travel to Peru to find her dance heritage, was fascinating....”
- Joan
“Ver la película Soy Andina fue una experiencia única para mi. Como le dije a Mitch cuando le agradecí por sus esfuerzos al hacer este documental, es la película que esperé toda mi vida. Fue lindo conocerte y espero poder vernos pronto. No veo las horas que ya salga en DVD para comprarlo y ver el documental muchas veces más.”
- Cecilia
“As an Israeli immigrant in NY, I could deeply relate. A must-see for every person engaged in a cross-cultural lifestyle.”
- Pazit Levitan internet strategist/producer (Israeli)
“Me informaron que la presentacion de "Soy Andina" estuvo magnica. Felicito a usted y a su equipo de colaboradores por este avance en la promocion de la obra y en el mensaje que esta lleva. Reciba usted mi aprecio por su trabajo y el testimonio de mi mayor consideracion.”
- Gladys Garcia Paredes Ministra Consejera Consul General of Peru in New York
“Wonderful. The film had passion that was unescapable. It felt very much connected to the dance culture. Thank you. I would like to show it to my folk dance class for obvious reasons. You captured the flavor of the culture. The two stories of the women and the way they intertwined was interesting, easy to follow, and touching.”
- Jana Feinman, Director of Dance, Hunter College
“It sounds like the universal reaction to your film, from Peruanos, is that they are so thankful and proud that you celebrate their culture and traditions. I get the impression they don't ever see this portrayed in film.”
- Doug
“Thank you for coming to Rutgers yesterday. Even after seeing the film so many times, it still continues to move and humble me. ”
- Ulla Berg, Assistant Professor, Anthropology, Department of Latino and Hispanic Caribbean Studies, Rutgers University

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