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“Brilliantly tells the human side of the immigration story ”
- Larry Pittman, editor, ACAP magazine
“Esta película muestra de una forma positiva y realista la necesidad de identificación cultural que tenemos los inmigrantes y los hijos de inmigrantes y ademas como la diversidad cultural y racial de nosotros los peruanos se expresa en nuestras comunidades en EEUU, a pesar de la distancia que nos separa de nuestro país de origen.”
- Carlos A. Quiroz
“A magnificent tribute to cultural re-awakening”
- Rick Vecchio, Peru Times
“"Felicitaciones! It really captures Peru..shows people just how rich Peru is. Soy Andina is a joyous celebration and we certainly need more of those! ”
- Ben Box, editor, Footprint Peru
“A beautiful film of an amazing spiritual journey! This film sheds light on biculturalism, merging of old worlds with new visions, and the courage to believe and follow your dreams! Loved every minute of this beautiful film. my favorite part of the film, that I am thrilled you had the intuition and craft to include: The part where Cynthia describes dancing tondero as feeling love for someone although they may not be there or do not exist at the moment....that part was brilliant! Thanks again for sharing and bringing to light our experience. ”
- Katty Rivera, Nuestra Comunidad newspaper
“No sabes lo orgulloso que me siento de tu pelicula que ya es propiedad de la gente que la ve”
- Lolo Lamas, Cosas (Lima, Peru)
“Packed with rhythm, music and color ”
- James van Maanen, GreenCine
“A gem! Left me starving for more ”
- Yelena M. Rivera Vale, WIPR-TV, Puerto Rico
“There are no films that I can think of that portray the richness and joy of Andean traditions as does Soy honest portrait of Andean culture that also captures the complex and tense relationships that extend onward to Lima and even New York”
- Ross Wehner, Moon Handbooks Peru
“A joyous film that seeks the essence of diasporic Andean identity through the linked lives of Fulbright scholar and professional dancer Cynthia Paniagua and folklore dancer Nélida viewers insight into the expression of hybrid constructions of identity ”
- Gabriela Torres, Visual Studies Journal
“A fascinating, well-made film that explores cross-cultural identity through the medium of dance....SOY ANDINA successfully crosses cultural barriers to engage viewers' imaginations and touch their hearts.”
- Barbara Drake, Journalist |
“La pelicula realmente estuvo genial, estupenda... es motivadora y creo que ha sabido calar en fibras de nuestra identidad”
- Ricardo Virhuez Villafane, La República
“Fantastic... An insightful story about cultural identity and tradition vs. globalization”
- Ned Berke, journalist
“Soy Andina has all those elements that make a film unforgettable. It makes the connection in space and time, the present and the past. ”
- Carmen Valdivieso Hulbert, Associated Press
“The film was just lovely. I really enjoyed it.”
- Lisa Skriloff, Publisher, Multicultural Marketing News

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