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Will we Need a New Name for the Movie?

Is "Soy Andina" really the best name for the movie? I've been mulling that for at least a year. I'd like your thoughts.

When we started the movie it focused on one person's story — Nelida's. I asked her in an early interview how she identified herself. She answered "Soy Andina" ("I am Andina"), referring to the Andes mountain region and its distinct culture.

Eso es! We had ourselves a title.

Then we met Cynthia. And of course the whole movie changed. Now it's about two characters — and Cynthia's story has really emerged as the main one.

So do we still call it "Soy Andina" when our main character identifies herself as Peruvian-Puerto-Rican-American-New Yorker?


I agree. I do not have a new one to suggest yet BUT I think that the name has to be something that would relate to crossover, open doors, building bridges, an inmigrant experience,...from where to where? Is that important? what about something like “2 passports”. or “Visa is femenine” maybe they are too silly but they are catchy. I think.

    –  (11/27  at  08:41 PM)

I have always loved the name. I think the fact that it needs explanation is good, because it’s an opener to talk about it.

    – Bud Parr (11/28  at  01:06 PM)

I agree that “Soy Andina” is a difficult name to manage with international audiences. A name in English will definitely help. We do have to keep in mind, that Cynthia is also looking for her Andean self, in a way.  The situation may call for a brainstorming session.

    –  (11/28  at  01:45 PM)

Si acabo de leer el bloque en la pagina web, y sabes como la historia gira en torno a la danza.... tu sabes que la danza es un arte muy antiguo, la danza y la musica, todo esto tiene que ver con la vida, el alma y hasta el espiritu la identidad, el Yo en este mundo...y pienso que el nombre de Danza para la Vida.... o Danza para la vida .... Danzando con la Vida.... Danza por la Vida ...... o Danzando con el mundo, Danzando por el mundo!!!! o algo así..... el titulo es muy sugerente ...... a mi me gusta y si tengo otro titulo te aviso…

Pienso que vas a recibir muchas sugerencias..... entonces uno te suene mejor esa debe ser....

    –  (12/02  at  08:37 PM)

Yes, Mitch. Although we say Soy Andina with great naturalness and without doubts, I understand your reasons for changing the name. I wish I could help. Today I have no inspiration. Maybe tomorrow…

All the best!

    – Cristina Martinez (12/06  at  02:32 PM)

Estimadas Cynthia y Nelida,

Congratulations! I was so delighted to find your weblog and getting to know your extraordinary project.

Your story is very inspiring, especially for me since I am a Peruvian fellow who has been leaving in Ireland for the last nine years. Now I am not only hoping that my wife (Italian) and my two beautiful Irish-born boys could someday know about your story through the film, but also we could all together enjoy “feeling the need for dancing” our beautiful Peruvian dances. With your film, you seem to have redefined the meaning of dancing, taking fart beyond conventional and fashionable terms.

I saw that you are looking for a new name for the film. I would agree with Nelida that perhaps “Soy andina” reflects more her experience but not necessarily Cynthia’s. I guess you would like a name that reflects your common motivations and experiences through dancing, as well as somehow evoking the places where your story happens.

As Cynthia now knows, after following the Nelida’s advice, you have to go out of Lima to experience the real and beautiful Peru. And that is even coming from me who is a “limeñito” (Nelida would explain better what I mean), but that is absolutely true. So, why not using some Quechua in part of the name to reflect this fact?

Although I am not a native Quechua speaker, I guess that the beauty of Quechua is, as in very few languages, that sometimes you are able to express in a word actions and feelings that happen together. I think there is a very special word that is not so common in many languages and describes “feeling in the mood for dancing”, something like “feeling groovy for dancing”. That word is “Tusunayay” (Nelida, please correct me if I am wrong). However, this word would probably be difficult to pronounce by some people, so you could always use “Tusuy” which means “to dance” in Quechua.

So my suggestion for the new name of your film would be:

In English:

“Tusuy: Dancing through our roots”

In Spanish:

“Tusuy: Bailando nuestro origen”

All the very best to you!

Mucha suerte y un abrazo a la distancia,


    –  (03/22  at  08:08 AM)

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