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Viva Peru!

"I am so proud of my Indigenous and African Peruvian heritage. Thanks for doing this, it will open doors for the vindication of our culture in a country that is plagued with racism. Beautiful work! Viva Peru!"
- Carlos Quiroz


Carlos, I really agree with your comment....Soy andina will teach others what Peru is culturally in the US. I am a New Yorker with peruvian parents. I went to peru many times and didn’t like Lima much until ...I went to the sierra, Jauja, Junin...and it was there where I felt more peruvian than ever....I feel more Peruvian than american...It is hard to be born in Jamaica, Queens...where some people don’t even know what Peru is...Hopefully this movie will teach others and also empower Peruvian-Americans who are sometimes ignorant or embarrassed of Peruvian culture. It is sad to me when I see peruvian communities here in the tri-state area, who sometimes only promote (Coastal Dances) Marinera Nortena and festejo dances...and forget of the hundred and hundreds of andean danzas that exist all over Peru...any way these are my thoughts. E-mail me if you want to extend the this topic. Daniela Cornejo

    – Daniela Cornejo (11/28  at  12:45 AM)

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