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The Soy Andina Mission

By now many of you know that our two heroines met through the Internet — Cynthia was searching for a place to learn Peruvian dance and found our website, where she read about Nelida's story. That was 2-1/2 years ago. This week I received the following letters from a Patterson woman named Celia. Will history repeat itself?

I loved these letters because they speak beautifully to the movie's capacity for connecting people and making a difference. This isn't just a fundraising cliche or a someday/maybe vision, it's been happening since we started production. Cynthia's story is obviously the most visible but there are countless others, in the USA, Peru and elsewhere. And we haven't even finished the movie. One of the reasons I started the blog was to create a space to preserve and share at least some of these stories, like Cecilia's:


I live in the US for about 19 years, after seen your video it put tears in my eyes since it remind me went I was a child and dance our beutiful music. I was 6 years old went i won second place in el amauta in Lima I have 1 photogragh taken by my aunt back them. I will love to meet the ladies from the video, I will love to maybe once again start dancing. VIVA EL PERU!

    –  (12/14  at  12:10 PM)

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