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Susan shares her story

Just got this wonderful email from Susan — sums up the message of this film better than I can. I'll be quoting her words in all future fundraising pitches! The money quote, for me: I think this documentary is so inspirational to people with different backrounds struggling to find themselves here in the United States. Read the comments, too.

Hi — I just wanted to say that this documentary is great. It's so important to know where you came from. Know the place you were born and your culture really helps you understand who you are.
I can't wait to see the film.

I also have a similar story. I am also Peruvian...


Susan, I’m glad you wrote. Your comments really sum up the message of the project.

You know, this is also how I met Cynthia - she emailed me after seeing (and early version of) the website!

Where do you live? How did you hear about the film/website?

Be sure to sign up for updates (on homepage) if you didn’t already…

Look forward to hearing from you - Mitch

    –  (10/15  at  07:15 AM)

hello Mitch I wasn’t expecting to get any comments back. i didn’t know thats how you had met Cynthia. I thought it was after you met her that you decided to make the documentary.

I am currently living in West Palm beach, Fl. I’ve been living here for about 4 months. I’m originally from long island, ny. I actually plan to go back in december.i’m a new yorker, what can I say. This place is too different for me.

I believe I found out about the website looking for peruvian music charts. i typed that on google and somehow i saw the website. That was about a year ago. Recently I was checking my favorite links and i rembered it. Watching some of the trailers and reading some of the blogs was sometimes like reading my own thoughts on the Peruvian culture.

My story is slightly different from Cynthias. It’s crazy how much I remember peru from when i was little. Ever since i came here i’ve tried to hold on to those roots as much as i could while my parents on the contrary tried to adapt and blend in as much as possible to the the “American lifestyle”. That was never very apealing to me. Although i’ve grown up here, and I am happy with my up bringing, i’ve just always known there was something else out there for me. Especially since my parents moved to very caucasian populated part of long island. I definately didn’t fit in. 

Watching the trailers was very nostalgic for me since I am from the northern part of peru, Trujillo where marinera is a very big part of the culture. There are national competitions held there in January. Chiclayo is actually right next to it.

I have signed up for the website updates. i look forward to hearing from you. Thanks for writing to me.

    –  (10/15  at  07:18 AM)

Hi, Mitch, I actually was wondering what drove you to make a documentary on Peru? I’m just so happy someone decided to do something like this. Peru is a hidden treasure. I truly feel lucky to be part of such a beautiful country and culture. i’ve struggled to find a Peruvian community here. i’ve been reading the blog a bit more and found out there are dancing schools. i actually think that when i get back to ny i’m going to take some.

Thanks once again,


    –  (10/15  at  07:23 AM)

Well, I’ve been friends with Nelida since 1989! Over the years I got hooked into the Peruvian immigrant world here, through her.

I went with Neli for first time to Peru 10 years ago.  Felt very homey to me. Tapped into something I was missing since my grandparents passed away - they were immigrants too, Eastern European Jews. But it felt similar. A kind of Carinoso feeling generally missing in USA.

In late 90s I was working as marketing director for Film Society of Lincoln Center...saw a lot of docs about bridging cultures...then in 2000 Neli told me she had a dream to return to Llamellin to host the fiesta patronal.

I knew I wanted to go, and then got the idea it could make for an interesting doc. So I crazilyl quit my good job, though really didn’t know how to MAKE a film..but I persvered, with much help along the way.

So when we started I didn’t even know Cynthia, it was a story about Neli.

We put up a website during production. Just like you, Cynthia found the site, was inpsired, and contacted me. I met her, and later realized we had to incorporate her story.

Careful Susan, I may need to cast you in the sequel!

Let us know when you are back in NYC, we will all go to Pio Pio in Queens and hook you in!)

    –  (10/15  at  07:34 AM)

Wow, 18 years, thats a long time. It’s kind of crazy how Peru gives you that homey feeling. You’re right, that family oriented, warm culture is missing in the USA. It seems that everywhere else has those elements in their culture.

I really enjoyed the part of the trailer where there is a lady sitting on a bench and she says “do you know anywhere in the world, where people are born, live, die, and families don’t seperate? Do you know anywhere like that?”

That part really touched me. I completely understood what she felt like. I came from a big family and it felt like i was ripped apart from them when i came here. I guess i have always wished I could have that back. It’s a beautiful feeling to know what that’s like and really can’t compare it to anything else. It’s a really completely different world over there.

I’m really glad you took that chance of making this documentary. i can’t believe you quit your job but this life is all about risks and you definately took yours. I’m very honored that you even posted my comments on the website. I’m studying graphic design and if I can help you guys in any way, just let me know. I would be delighted to help you guys out any way I


It’s funny actually that you mention Pio Pio beacuse i would drive a half an hour just to go to that restaurant. I believe it’s wednesday when

the folklore musicians are there. They’re great. I’m actually looking for an apartment in Queens. Hopefully in Astoria. It’s kinda of hard finding one since i’m living here but yes, i would definately love to get together when i’m back in NYC.

I’m also really looking forward to see if i can go to those dance classes. i will email Nelida and Cynthia to get more info. Thanks for everything.

    –  (10/15  at  06:40 PM)

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