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Soy Andina screens at fundraiser for Mexican folk dance group Atl-Tlachinolli

As always when I return to Manhattan from Peru, I felt sad, even despairing (like the final scene from my own movie!)

My Upper West Side neighborhood feels more and more like a big, bland playground of frenzied consumerism, lacking the soul and warmth I cherish about Peru. Hey what happened to my Korean greengrocer? Oh it's a Best Buy now, sorry....

But the day after returning, I dragged my tired butt to Jackson Heights to show the movie at a fundraiser for a Mexican folk dance group called Atl-Tlachinolli. The crowd was mostly Mexican immigrant families with kids running around, Mexican folk dance groups, $2 lovely tacos...the organizer Luz was like a composite of Cynthia and Nelida, bursting with energy and pride for her culture. New York felt like a good place to be again, at least for the day.

(photo: Cristian Peña)
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Thank you Mitch for coming and showing the film!  It was very beautiful and I can’t wait to attend another screening and buy the

dvd for my dance collection. - Luz

    –  (05/02  at  05:57 AM)

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