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Screening of Soy Andina at La Peña in Berkeley (San Francisco): Wed, Oct 24th

It's confirmed: we're coming to the Bay Area! It's a special screening organized by the San Francisco Latino Film Festival and hosted the legendary La Peña Cultural Center. Why is it special? Because besides the film, we're planning a Peruvian dance class and presentation to accompany the film. Details (and screening time) coming soon.



Hola a todos!

I emigrated from Peru 1989 at the age of 15 and lived in Berkeley – CA - USA with my parents ever since.  I’m the first generation in my family born in Lima-Peru with parents from the Andes.  My parents took me to the Andes every year since I was 2 years old so I got to love it and appreciated but in Lima I had to behave and talk different so my friends can accept me. This is a reality that not only in Peru occurs but in every other country in one way or another. Now, I’m an electrical engineer graduated from the University of Berkeley and with masters in the University of San Francisco. This movie was so real for me and touched me very much. It’s the first Peruvian movie that I ever seen around here that brought out the beauty and the reality of people from the Andes and other parts of Peru using the dance and the music as a form of communication to the big screen. Peru is a rich country in many ways and can be a great source for learning about unity and love of many different cultures. Learning about a country’s culture can help us all appreciate it better regardless where we’re from.  Thank you Mitch and all who made it happen. I hope Mitch will bring more Peruvian movies to make all the Peruvians so proud to be Peruvian and also share the Peruvian culture with the rest of the world.  There are a lot to share and learn from Peru’s vast culture. Also Cynthia’s performance last night was outstanding and creative.  It was a dance at the end of the movie that spoke more than a 1,000 words can express. Spoke about how people are transform by the influence of the city of Peru but still have “the heart of the Andes” deep inside. Cynthia, Nelida, and Mitch, we love you here in Berkeley! And wish you all the best in your future projects.  (Berkeley-California, USA)

    –  (10/25  at  12:33 PM)

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