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Recent reactions to the Soy Andina newsletter and website/blog

More and more people are connecting to this website and project, from around the world. I've been blown away by their passion. Their words help keep my passion alive, which I've come to realize is the most important ingredient one can have for making a film, raising funds, starting a business. Samples:

I took a look through your web site. What a story and project! You've clearly devoted enormous amounts of love and care to this epic undertaking and seem to have assembled quite a team to bring it to fruition. Once the documentary is finished, I'll announce it in our newsletter.
- Jim Kane, Culture Explorers, Philadelphia

I am a Peruvian dancer from The Juilliard School. I love your website and sincerely wish I had known about your project earlier, as dance and Peruvian culture are my two greatest passions. Currently, I am facilitating my own project called Proyecto Peru, taking 8 american dancers on a cultural exchange this summer to Peru...
- Amelia Uzategui Bonilla, The Julliard School/Lincoln Center

I enjoy the Soy Andina e-news. The last issue was a hoot!
- Holly Peterson, World Learning, Vermont

My name is Jacob and I live in Sweden but was born in Cuzco. When I was one year old, I was adopted by my Swedish family. Here we have a group for Peruvians that have been adopted and live in southern Sweden. A few months back I found your homepage and told the group. They are waiting for the movie! With this letter I wanted you to know that you have people around the globe who follow you, and read your newsletter. Best wishes!
- Jacob Dalby, Sweden

I love the way you keep us in the loop and always with such passion. You are an inspiration as I struggle through my own uphill challenges as a fellow filmmaker.
- Begonya Plaza, New York

I was so delighted to find your weblog and getting to know your extraordinary project! Your story is very inspiring, especially for me since I am a Peruvian fellow who has been living in Ireland for the last nine years. Now I am not only hoping that my wife (Italian) and my two beautiful Irish-born boys could someday know about your story through the film, but also we could all together enjoy “feeling the need for dancing” our beautiful Peruvian dances. With your film, you seem to have redefined the meaning of dancing, taking it far beyond conventional and fashionable terms.
- Augustin, Ireland

Lovely! Your energy is most inspiring.
- Doris Cramer, Americas Society, New York


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