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Peruvians in Chicago weigh in…

I love getting comments like this. Reminds me why it matters, and helps me keep going.

I just recently learned about Soy Andina and I have been inspired and impressed by the wonderful film clips and photography available on this site. No doubt that the final film will be amazing. Thank you for taking the subject of Peruvian transnational immigration and depicting it with such great respect and beauty.

Here in Chicago, and even throughout the Midwest, there are few Peruvians. Even fewer children of Peruvians keeping the traditions. That is the reason why my aunt and I began
Peru Profundo. As Peruvian Independence day approaches in July 28, we are also preparing for our celebrations.

Again, thank you. Here in Chicago we look forward to the completion of your film! Know that you have support, encouragement and a connection with us!

- Katherine Bardales, Chicago IL


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