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October 2004 eNewsletter


S O Y A N D E - N E W S

E-news for friends and supporters of “Soy Andina”
A documentary about Peru, dance, and the quest for home

Oct 2004 Issue #14

“As a Latin immigrant, I was moved by your determination to show that ‘even when we don’t share the same roots, we share common humanity.’ Common humanity is what we need for a better world today.” (Ludy Schuverer, Paris)

“Your pioneering use of technology to build community is what every TV broadcaster, film distributor, academic or non-profit institution and corporate marketing department is trying to figure out.” (Jane Clemmons, San Mateo, CA)

“Please finish soon! Everyone is bothering me, asking ‘when can I see the movie?’” (Nelida Silva, NY)

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