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NELIDA: Peruvians and Miami

Years before Fujimori, it was trendy for some middle-class LimeƱos to go to Miami, but most of them went to visit rather than move to escape the Peruvian political or economic turmoil. Of course, for my family living in Llamellin, Miami was a place you wouldn't even dream of going to - even Lima was a foreign place then! It was just a place you might hear stories about. My father knew that it was a place where Cubans opposing Castro settled after the revolution. Anyway, my parents never took time for vacation, maybe because, living in Llamellin, they never had the need smile

After Alan Garcia and Fujimori, the migration of low-income or no-income Peruvians grew considerably. Meanwhile the "pitucos" stayed in Peru to get richer than ever before. Today, the middle-class has shrunk and the gap between rich and poor is huge.

I'll go and see the documentary about that Peruvian who lives in Miami!


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