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From Renato Varas (whose company, the Varas Group, imports Chicha Morada from Peru - read more about them here):

Thanks for putting together an excellent documentary about Peru's customs. It continues to bother me how very few try to educate others about all that our country has to offer. I always wonder if we're proud enough as a people about our origins; I say this because I see other cultures with a lot less history and less natural resources than Peru do so much more. I guess this is a big challenge for Peruvian people to educate the world about how rich a nation we have.

Anyway, my biggest observation is how Cynthia left the U.S a girl and came back a woman. The maturity combined with her experiences there had a very big influence in her outlook about life. You can see it in gestures, manners, body language, etc. I'm glad Cynthia needed to find out who she really was and went for it. It took courage and obviously she evolved as a person and woman. Indirectly with this project you helped Cynthia find herself.

I think we can all learn from Nelida about how proud we all should be about our ancestry. Nelida showed how deep her roots are and how stubborn she can be about expressing it. I think our community should take a lesson from her book.

I also search within to find out who I am, where am I going and what my real desires are. This documentary reminded me of the essence that makes a person and a nation. Gracias.

From Karla Corcuera:

I had the wonderful opportunity to attend the Soy Andina screening a the Kearny Public Library and had a great time....Soy Andina was excellent!!!
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From left to right: Anna de La Torre, grammar school teacher; NĂ©lida Silva; Karla Corcuera, owner, KC Document Services; Ana Maria Quispe, Founder, The Tiksi Group; Katty Rivera, Nuestra Comunidad newspaper


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