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"Great clip. Loved it. Hope to see the movie for sale one day."
- Neal, from Salsa Video Reviews, New Zealand

"I'm fascinated by the blog. I'm a chef in Australia, about to do a Peruvian-themed dinner party for a Peruvian friend here. The dinner is a trial run for my friend's dream - to open a Peruvian restaurant. We wanted to run the video on large screen during desert and coffee....Cheers from down under!"
- Maritzah, Australia

From South American Journal:
"On the eve of a trip to Peru with my daughter, in which she'll be introduced to the strange and beautiful country her grandmother came from, I've been thinking about identity. And it's no surprise that for many of us sons and daughters of immigrants, identity is a cloudy issue. Where do I belong?.... all that to introduce a documentary that takes on the identity question head on. It's called "Soy Andina"....
Don Ball Carbajal, Minnesota

From Peru Food:
"A few days back, I received an e-mail from Mitch Teplitsky, who told me that he had listed Peru Food as one of his favorite blogs about Peru. I was beyond flattered. Ironically, I had been visiting his website regularly, waiting to find out when Soy Andina will finally be released - many people are eagerly waiting for distribution, myself included....
- Alejandro, Los Angeles

This promises to be an exciting film--lots of colour, movement, scenic contrasts and most of all, cultural connections. What more could one want in a documentary?
- Diana Bryant, photographer, New York


Love the Australian chef’s idea of running the film as a backdrop cultural tie-in with a Peruvian food menu.  How many expensive Peruvian restaurants are there in New York City? — your film would certainly enhance the ambiance, add relish to the food, and justify a price increase perhaps.

    –  (06/21  at  11:04 AM)

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