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It’s Official: The 2007 Soy Andina Tour of Peru, sponsored by the U.S. Embassy

Peru Tour PosterExciting news: the U.S. Embassy in Lima, Peru is sponsoring a three-week "Soy Andina" film and dance Tour of Peru from March 22 to April 13.

Did you know that U.S. Embassies around the world support cultural exchanges?

Neither did I...until last year, when I read a blog about an American choreographer doing workshops in Peru sponsored by the Embassy. I fired up Google, found the contact for the Embassy, and began a dialogue. I thank the Public/Cultural Affairs Section for making this happen.

The Tour will be hosted by ICPNA in Lima and the affiliated BiNational Centers around the country (map here) − with additional support from Continental Airlines and our friends Rick Vecchio and Siduith Ferrer at Fertur Peru travel agency .
PIURA (Fri/Sat, March 23-24)
(ICPNA, Apurimac 447)

Fri, Mar 23, 5 pm..... Dance Workshop
Sat, Mar 24, 7 pm.... Film
CHICLAYO (Mon, March 26)
(ICPNA, Manuel Izaga 807, Chiclayo)

Mon, 10 am.....Dance Workshop
Mon, 7 pm.......Film
TRUJILLO (Tue/Wed, March 27-28)
(Instituto Nacional de Cultura, Independencia 572)

Tue, 7 pm.....Dance Workshop
Wed, 7 pm.....Film
HUANCAYO (Sat, March 31)
(ICPNA Región Centro, Giraldez 694)

Sat, 10 am......Dance Class
Sat, 7 pm.......Film
LIMA (Mon/Wed, April 2-4)

Mon, 10 am.....Dance class (Escuela Nacional de Folklore, Ica 143)

Tue, 10 am.....Dance class (ICPNA en Miraflores, Angamos Oeste 120)
Tue, 7 pm.......Film (ICPNA en Miraflores, Angamos Oeste 120)

Wed, 10 am.....Dance (ICPNA en Centro de Lima, Cusco 446)
Wed, 7 pm......Film (ICPNA en Centro de Lima, Cusco 446)

AREQUIPA (Mon/Tue, April 9-10)
(Centro Cultural Peruano Norteamericano, Melgar 109)

Mon, Apr 9, 7:00 pm.....Dance class
Tue, Apr 10, 7:00 pm.....Film

CUSCO (Thu April 12)
(ICPNA, Tullumayo 125)

Morning.....Dance class
7:00 pm......Film


I would like to know that is this about:"It’s Official: The 2007 Soy Andina Tour of Peru, sponsored by the U.S. Embassy”; What kind of Tour is it..Is everyone eligible to participate, I would like more information, Please!!!!

    –  (01/30  at  01:13 PM)

Hi Yovi and others: well, this is a touring program for the movie and dance, not a tour in the vacation or travel. But certainly everyone is invited to meet up with us, anywhere and everywhere! Mitch

    – Mitchell Teplitsky (01/31  at  08:37 AM)

The first trailer looks very interesting.

Looking forward to seeing the film.

    –  (02/17  at  10:02 AM)

So these are workshops that are going to be held throughout Peru and are open to the public? Is there a cost? Sounds awesome- I’m actually going to be in Lima around April 2-4 so would definitely love to check it out.

    –  (03/09  at  04:18 PM)

Hi, Mitch! I take it you are in Perú by now? What is the BNC Miraflores? I would like to see the film and buy a DVD if possible!

Did you see Enrica on the “El Comercio” with the presentation of her film? “Soy Andina” should get an interview like that one! Full page! Full photographs!

Write to David Hidalgo :


    – PAola POmposini (03/25  at  08:48 PM)

Hey… it’s too bad that I missed out this info, otherwise I would have email it to my friends in Peru, but it’s still a good timing for the Lima and Cusco screenings. I will write something on my blog!

    – Peruanista (04/03  at  12:55 AM)

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