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Helping Japan: A personal story from my friend Hiromi Oikawa

Amigos: some of you know Hiromi Oikawa, a long-time friend since arriving in NYC more than 15 years ago.  She's a graphic designer and wonderful painter. Since the disaster in Japan, she's been working tirelessly to help. I've been so impressed, with her actions and words.  I asked her if I could share one of her many emails with my community. Here's one: 

Thank you so much for all sorts of your support. I can't appreciate enough for all of your sweet words. I have been busy continuously calling my family and friends in Japan, making flyers asking for donations, organizing for charity art shows, painting to finish the art(!!) but I still feel guilty that I could do more.

My family and friends are fine, but extremely frustrated about the nuclear power plants and worried about radiation. A lot of them are still scared of constant aftershocks. The whole country is overwhelmed and not stable yet at all. Water contamination has been found in Tokyo today, confirming more people dead & missing. 

I found out my 2nd cousin's house was damaged; they've moved in temporarily to my cousin's home and the wife gave birth on 15th. They had to wait on line for 1.5 hours to get one bottle of water. But the baby is fine -- It's a boy!!

I'm so consumed by the saddest stories, and these news made me so happy and smile.

Sadly, my friend's uncle is still missing. 

Now, I am asking your help if you can.

You can make a donation to the Japan Society at the Web address below. Or send a check directly to the Society.

Japan Society
333 East 47th Street 
New York, New York 10017
Attn: Japan Earthquake Relief Fund

Also I'm participating & organizing benefit for Japan disaster relief. I will let you know the details later.

April 1st( Fri), 6-8pm
Excy Laser: 147 W 35th St. (between 6th and 7th Aves.)

April 9th. (Sat), 2-8pm
Gallery 61
16 West 61st St. 11th Floor.
NY NY 10023

I thank you all for your good thoughts and any help you are able to provide.


Hiromi Oikawa


Posted via email from Mitchell Teplitsky


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