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From Sydney, Australia

Below, excerpts of emails from Angelli Meza in Sydney Australia. We met online a couple of weeks ago via the expat list and have continued a conversation that's a variation of so many others - people connecting around this project, often via the Internet:

I went to the website from work today. I read a bit more from the site...I had no idea there were so many Peruvians in the USA. For me 270,000 is a LOT of people. Are you thinking of getting your film to Australia? I know we have a very small Latino population, but you never know.

I think I can relate to Nelie in your story so well. I love so much about Peru but I was raised in Australia and it is just so different here. Here in Australia, it is so much better for women in terms of rights and freedoms (apart from the better standard of living). And I think your movie would touch my heart. Also, because it is so remote here in Oz that I even find
it hard to believe there are migrant Peruvians in other parts of the globe (the Peruvian community in Sydney is tiny) who feel like I do - I don't know what to call it by I call myself bicultural and incredibly lucky to be so.

If I can relate to Nelida's story, my sister would relate to it even more. She has returned to Peru more times than I have, one time spent a whole year there with her daughter. She really saw the good and the disappointments, and in Australia she now works as a Coordinator of Cultural Arts - helping different community groups (be they ethnic or whatever) organise their festivals, exhibitions or whatever artistic event. Prior to that, many years ago, she used to help organise probably Sydney' s only Latin American Peña. She may have even heard about your movie as she would know relevant people in the artistic community of Sydney.

It would be nice to meet up in Lima...I think you and Tony have something in common - .peruvian girls (ha ha). Seriously, you have given me a bit of hope that Tony may be able to embrace Peru and its traditions in the same way that you have managed to do it through your association with Nelida. This will be Tony's 1st visit and I admit I am a bit nervous about how he will react and whether or not he will like it.

I love and value Peruvian music. I have never considered it lower class. In fact if I could dance the Marinera Limeña, I would be thrilled (and my mother would probably burst into tears). And jarana to me has always implied a party, a good time. Well those are my roots anyway.

Are you South American in part? I ask because I am intrigued as to why you chose to make such a movie? Do you also have roots in Peru?

Cuidate, Angelli


Hello Guys,

I am a Peruvian born casting director and talent agent based in Sydney.

I am so thrilled to hear such a beautiful story and journey. It makes me happy and very proud.

Australian has hardly any Peruvians working in the film and television industry and as such the Latino representation is still growing.

I sincerely wish you all the best with everything.

Arriba Peru!

    – Nilton Humberto Ramos Gomez (08/01  at  04:37 AM)

Hi!  I’ve been following closely for the past months the development of Soy Andina… We live in Brisbane, Australia and makes us very proud to hear you have completed the documentary.

We are hopeful we will be able to buy the DVD so we can show it to our family (all our children were born here and because the peruvian community, particularly in Brisbane, is so small we have not had access to cultural events such as this one. In the many years that we live here not even once)

If you could please let us know when we will be able to have access to this DVD, how can we get it as soon as it released and the price.  We are very thankful for your help and again our heart

felt gratitude for all the dedication and love for our country.

Regards from Down Under!!!

Rossana Seminario

    –  (12/19  at  08:37 AM)

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