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From NY to Peru, Cuba to Australia, we’re hearing: “Can’t wait to see Soy Andina!”

Just a partial list, hard to keep up!

"Seeing the video put tears in my eyes. I've lived in the US for 19 years. The video reminded me of when I was a child and danced to our beautiful music in Peru.... I would love to meet the ladies from the video, and maybe start dancing again. VIVA EL PERU!"
(Patricia, NYC)

"We live in Brisbane, Australia and makes us very proud to hear you have completed the documentary. We hope to buy the DVD so we can show it to our family (all our children were born here and because the Peruvian community is so small we have not had access to cultural events such as this....regards from Down Under!!!"
(Rossana, Brisbane, Australia)

"Neli is the the soon-to-be superstar of Andean dance and yoga!"
(JK, environment activist/sage, NYC)

"Bueno, al fin. Enhorabuena! Can't wait to see it!"
(Cris and Richard Martinez, filmmaker/composer, NY)

"Mitch, I hope you remember me. I used to help you out at the fundraisers (I was Miss Peru Belleza Latina then smile We do screenings at my school, let me know what you need to come!"
(Elena Gil, U. of San Francisco School of Law)

No se ni como llegue a este sitio, pero me encanta la idea....y re orgullosa de ser Peruana!!
(Claudia, Toronto)

"No se si se acordaran de mi, soy Sarela, la hija del alcalde de Julcan...bueno quisiera poder mostrar a toda la poblacion de Julcan y se puedan sentir orgullos del lugar donde son..."
(Sarela Sofía Verástegui López, Julcàn, Jauja, Perù)

"Wooohooo!!! This is so exciting. I can't wait"
(Melissa, holistic health counselor, NYC)

"Congratulations on completing your film. Could I persuade you to appear at our NYC manifestation workshop and talk about your odyssy and what it is like to complete something."
(Rick, workshop facilitator/writer, Warwick, NY)

"Mitch, congratulations! You are the Energizer Bunny"
(Stuart, massage therapist, NYC)

"That is amazing news! Many blessings on your continued journey to bring your dream project to fruition. You really embody the qualities of persistence and determination! Namaste."
(Marjorie, teacher, World Yoga Center, NYC)

"Congratulations my dear friend...I am so looking forward to being in NYC for the opening day. Well done and get that music locked in and you are set! Very busy here with Inveneo and a little QuaKit"
(Colm, San Francisco)

"Congratulations on getting your film finished -- it looks like you've done an amazing job! Would you like to do a screening at Center for Communication this spring....we present seminars for film buffs, media professionals and aspiring filmmakers who, I am sure, would find your movie fascinating..."
(Catherine, Executive Director, NYC)

"Thanks Mitch and good luck. Can't wait for the movie to be in theaters in California! I'm going to make sure that all my family, friends and co-workers see this movie. Keep up the good work and I thank you for getting involved in a project that involves our culture. THANKS"
(Julio, California)

"Congratulations, Mitch! I'd love to do a brief interview about fundraising for all our struggling filmmakers...I I haven't had chicha in years -- one of my best friends, who is from Lima, gave me some when we were grad students!"
(Charlotte, Director, The Foundation Center, NY Library

"Congratulations! I am imagining you taking a big deep breath and doing a wild Peruvian dance. Muchos Abrazos."
(Neila, therapist, NYC)

"I think this doc will speak to many people in the US who are realizing something special in themselves and in their families culture.Again, let me know if there are any publicity materials (hard copies or electronic) that I can use to promote the film amongst the Peruvian and Latino community. I really want to see this have a huge audience."
(Cesar, NYC)

"Que tal de tu proyecto de venir a LA Habana alguna vez?"
(Marta, Linguist, Habana, Cuba)

"I am a New Yorker with Peruvian parents. I this movie will empower Peruvian-Americans who are sometimes ignorant or embarrassed of Peruvian culture."
(Daniela, NYC)

"You rock!" (several people)


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