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From Idaho, Chicago, North Carolina….

Hi Mitchell! I wish we could see the movie where I live, way far in North Idaho in a little town called Rathdrum. I also dance folk dances (marinera punenia especially) and this clip brought me back to the land I love and miss so much....(more from Charo here)

Hi Cynthia, I came across your website searching for Peruvian dance videos on youtube. This sounds so exciting! I love to dance, and I've been dreaming of going to Peru to learn the folkloric dances. Will you be teaching classes or showing the film in Chicago anytime soon? (More from Kim here)

Hello Cynthia, I am very interested in learning more about peruvian dances. My parents are both from Peru. I would love to join your class, however, I live in North Carolina. I was wondering if you knew of anyone in North Carolina who teaches Peruvian folk dancing....(More from Johanan here)


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