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Awoke at 4:30 am this morning. Lie in bed 20 minutes thinking about what I have to do before leaving for West Coast in three weeks. Anxiety deepens. Stagger into living room and play the Rodney Yee 15 minute AM Yoga tape.  Think “why the hell do I forget to do this?” Return to bed with laptop. Read other people’s blogs. Write this one. Mull whether to head to Cosi’s or Starbucks later to work. Lately Cosi’s has been driving me nuts with the influx of Upper West Side moms and their stroller kids. Or yesterday when some media sales guys, identically dressed in their blue button-down shirts/khaki uniforms, interview some actor guy looking for a job at the table 4 feet away.  They offered him the job with all the usual psuedo-fake business guy speak - welcome aboard the team! I know, I’ve been there. Though maybe mixed in was some envy, ‘cause I hate not being part of a team myself. Independent solo work is not my thing.

So what I hope to do today: draft post-production plan and send to Raul in Lima. Draft the long-delayed eNewsletter. Doing a procrastination number on that one. Make some calls to prospective funders. Meet Cindy to hand over tape to transcribe (note to myself got to find more volunteers). Meet Liliana at 6:15 to discuss upcoming fundraising event at the Shapolsky Gallery.


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