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CYNTHIA: Dancing my ass off

Hey Mitch...

I'm alive! Next week I finally start to move into my new place and things are running smoothly. I met the director of dance at JM Arguedas - Victoria Almas - and she was surprised that I was in "las classes de extencion" instead of being a student within the JMA dance program. She's looking into changing that - thank God.

I'm actually looking towards dancing with a group here - Unalma - a group that focuses on Afro-Peruvian dance and expression. They are professional and the moves look like a challenge. I'm going to one of their performances on the 23rd of this month. Besides that, I´m getting used to the irony here in Lima and I'm getting around much easier and with less paranoia.

So when do you think you´ll be coming back? How are things over there in NY? Damn yo, I miss my soul food. But I cant really complain yet. Wait till I go to Trujillo... I heard the food over there is tasty.


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