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Being devoured to the clean-picked bone…

I was invited to participate in an ayahuasca healing session in Lima organized by a trusted psychologist. I’m intrigued. They say it can help break through internal worries and obstacles. My source of internal anxiety remains fundraising. Could ingesting a hallucinogenic Amazonian plant help raise funds?

Cut through the unconscious beliefs that limit my ability to ask for money?

OK I’m being slightly cheeky here but then again...I start to do some research on the net. And find this description from a new user:

“You think you’re dying, being devoured to the clean-picked bone by a school of rainbow piranhas, submerged in the hell-realms suffering brutal tortures and repeated dismemberment”

Hmm, perhaps I will stick with more traditional methods like direct mail after all....

But I do pay attention to synchronicity. And it so happens I’m doing this research at South American Explorers Club, and sitting across from me is a guy leafing through a copy of a book on ayahuasca. His name is Eric, a musician from the USA traveling in Peru. A soft-spoken, thoughtful nice guy. We strike up a conversation and I give him the Soy Andina website. Couple of days he emails me this:

“What a wonderful gift to the world!  I have a deep love and respect for traditional music and dance.  Projects like Soy Andina reach deep into the wellspring of indigenous culture that dissolves boundaries and connects us all.  Nothing brings people together quite like music and dance.  It´s food for the soul! “

Hmm, that’s about the best anyone’s ever put it. Eric gives me permission to use this quote in an eNewsletter. Reactions like this re-infuse my enthusiasm for the film and for the fundraising. No kidding.


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