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Another reason to see the movie at Monmouth U. (or anywhere!)

Our friend David Shraeger posted this to his list. I like how he describes the message. Thanks Dave!

On Friday, February 15, 2008, there will be a screening of a documentary "Soy Andina" ("I Am Andean") at Monmouth University.

It features my friend Nélida Silva, a Peruvian woman whose father taught Quechua, the Incan langugage, even though the Peruvian authorities prohibited him from doing so. It also features Cynthia Paniagua, whose father is Puerto Rican and whose mother is Peruvian.

Cynthia wins a a Fullbright Scholarship to study Peruvian folk dancing and studies in Lima, but finds greater acceptance and learns even more outside Lima among the indigenous and Afro-Peruvians.

The message is about respect for the autochtonous (Yes, that is a word!), or, indigenous. It is a progressive message of respect for people of all cultures and is distinctively anti-racist.

My friend Nélida, who hosted the Patron Saint Festival of her hometown, is a progressive and this is a documentary that we should all support. If you can make it to Monmouth University to see this documentary, please do so. I've seen it and it's terrific! I saw it with my fiancée who is Peruvian and she was very impressed.


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