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Production Team

Director/Producer: Mitch Teplitsky

Director/Producer Mitch Teplitsky is a documentary producer and marketing consultant. This is his first film. It took him long enough! Back in the 70’s he used to annoy his sisters with a super-8 camera in suburban New Jersey. Somehow he ended up at Wharton Business School and worked for companies like Viacom, Arbitron, MTV and the NY Times. Fortunately he got laid off. That forced him to remember what he used to really like to do - tell stories. He bought his first movie camera in 20 years, and called the Film Society of Lincoln Center.

Mitch 4 Copy-3He became the Film Society’s first-ever marketing director. On weekends, he headed to the Bronx to videotape his grandma. Or to Jersey for Peruvian parties with long-time friend Nelida. One day, Neli told Mitch she was returning to Peru for a festival — wanna come? Hmm....He bought a new camera and began annoying - er, documenting - Nelida and Cynthia all over Peru, and back to Jersey. Talk about coming full circle.
UPDATE: Mitch is working on new projects. Read more on his website

Editor (USA): Ingrid Patetta

Editor Ingrid Patetta is a filmmaker and editor for our times: born in France; raised in Europe, Africa and South America; residing in New York. And now moving in the desert on camel in Niger, West Africa, living with and documenting the Tuareg community for film Nomads in Transition. She also edited the award-winning documentary Stutter Step. Find Ingrid here.

Editor (USA): Diana Logreira

Editor Diana Logreira is a filmmaker and educator from Bogotá. Her films explore immigration and identity issues, including: An Outsider, about an Arab immigrant in America, and I’m Still the King, about a Colombian in NY. She studied with Martin Scorsese and Abbas Kiarostami at the Marrakech/Tribeca Filmmaker Exchange, and edited Kiarostami’s short Not in the Right Time. Find her here.

Director of Photography Raul Gallegos is one Peru’s leading videographers with a 30-year record shooting (and producing) work for international TV, independent productions, and NGOs.

Sound Recordist Guillermo Palacio (founder of Perfo Sound Studio) is considered Peru’s leading sound recordist and engineer.

Assistant Editors
(Peru): Sergio Garcia
is an editor for Canal 6 / ANTENA 3 Producciones in Lima, Peru. Sergio edited our first assembly with all new footage of Cynthia, as well as several amazing one-minute promo clips.

(USA) Julieta Aranda is a filmmaker, editor and multi-media artist in New York, originally from Mexico City. Julieta edited a new trailer and our first full-length assembly in the BC era (Before Cynthia), when the movie was organized exclusively around Nelida and the Fiesta Patronal.

(USA) Keren Azmon is a filmmaker, editor and co-founder of Twinpool Productions in New York, originally from Israel. Keren edited our very first trailer.

Story Editor: Fernanda Rossi

Story Editor Fernanda Rossi leads workshops, consults on projects, and writes an industry must-read column. She is originally from Buenos Aires. And yes, she does dance tango.

Story consultant Ronnie Temoche is one of Peru’s foremost screenwriters as well as a director, producer and film producer

Sound design and mix: Juan Sosa

Sound designer Juan Sosa composes, records and mixes for broadcast, film, advertising and music. He was born in Mexico and raised in Argentina.

Executive Producer:  Peter Gould

Executive Producer Peter Gould is the managing partner of the law film Sabin, Bermant & Gould; chairman of the board of Yaddo, the artists colony in Saratoga Springs, NY; and a long-time supporter of The All-Stars project, an organization that promotes youth leadership through the performing arts.

Co-Producer: Leda Duif

Associate Producer Leda Duif was raised in Peru (Arequipa) and the U.K. She was a financial services executive in New York, and director of the South American Explorers Club in Lima. She holds a Masters in Latin American Politics from the University of London.

Associate Producer Angela Fuhrken is a filmmaker specializing in audio, from the Great State of Missouri.

Associate Producer (USA): Bruce Markow

Associate Producer Bruce Markow is a Brooklyn-based singer/songwriter (and massage therapist), returning to his video roots with Soy Andina. Bruce co-launched this project with Mitch, shot some of the film’s most memorable scenes, co-directed the film’s first trailer and assembly, and co-wrote/performs Soy Andina’s closing song “Estamos muy contentos.”

Associate Producer (Peru): Doris Loayza Reyes

Associate Producer Doris Loayza was raised in Llamellin in Ancash (where much of Soy Andina was taped), and has a background in psychology and arts therapy for children.

Associate Producer Liliana Parodi is is a marketing/PR executive for film and fashion, born in Lima and raised in Sweden.


Web design/content: Sonnet Media

Original website: Early Adapter. Support:  Craig Katerberg

Graphic Design: Hiromi Oikawa

Photography: David Camacho, Bev Grant, Adriana Groisman

Additional Crew: Peru

Camera:  Javier Arciniega, Romina Cruz, Sergio Garcia, Bruce Markow

Sound:  Aldo Caceda Salas, Torsten Jantz

Assistant Editor and Multimedia Guru:  Javier Arciniega

Transcribers:  Doris Loayza, David Smith, Tilak Valdivia, Virginia Valdivia

Additional Crew: USA

Camera:  Dahlia Fischbein, Bruce Markow, Aline Motta, Naz Sharman

Story consultant: Carla Guitierrez

Assistant Editors:  Ava Federov, Dahlia Fischbein, Pilar Rau, Gabriella Tusu

Translation/Transcription:  Madeline Cherney, Liliana Parodi, Nelida Silva, Vivian Velasco

Advisory Board

Vanessa Arteaga is a film production and programming consultant.

Connie Crosson is a non-profit management consultant for nonprofit organizations.

Leda Duif is a forner director of Latin business development in NY and of South American Explorers in Peru.

Kathy Leichter is a documentary director/producer, writer and co-founder of Mint Leaf Productions.

Steve Mendelsohn is the executive director of Project Rebirth.

Zoila Mendoza is a professor of Native American Studies at U. of California, Davis, and author of ”Shaping Society Through Dance: Mestizo Ritual Performance in the Peruvian Andes.”

Edmundo Morales is chair of the anthropology and sociology department at West Chester U. and author of ”The Guinea Pig: Healing, Food, and Ritual in the Andes.”

Ivan Rebolledo is a former Senior Advisor at the United Nations, and current president of the Bolivian-American Chamber of Commerce.

Jose Luis Renique is professor of Latin American and Caribbean Studies at the Graduate Center, City U. of NY.

Jonathan Skurnik is a director/producer, cinematographer, writer and co-founder of Mint Leaf Productions.

Deirdre Towers is the artistic director of Dance Films Association and producer of Dance on Film Festival.

Philippe van den Bossche is a fundraising consultant and president of American Radio & Television Productions.

Juan Zevallos-Aguilar is a professor at the Center for Latin American Studies at Ohio State U., and organizer of the International Symposium on Latin American Indian Literatures.

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