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Report and photos from Orlando Hispanic Film Festival

Kudos to the Orlando Hispanic Film Festival, which recently screened Soy Andina - they did a stellar job of marketing. Special shout out/gracias to Adrian Perez from the festival, and Orlando-based Peruvian dance group Ritmos Peru for showing up en masse! Here's Adrian's report:

Your screening went over excellent.  The film touched a chord with everyone present.

16 dancers from Ritmos Peru showed up in various types of dancing garmets. From Cuzco Quechua Style to Formal Danza Dresses. Natalie Underberg had one of her students film the event.

We would like to have a special screening of Soy Andina with all the Ritmos Peru dancers present.

Adrian Perez

Britney Henry (Pacasito de Piura) Claudia Castillo (Valicha de Cuzco)Maria Pinedas (Caporales de Puno)
Stephanie Perez (Tondero de Piura)Tiffany Capece (Huara Huara de Cuzco) II Mauricio Rosales (Valicha de Cuzco)
 Marinera NorteñaRocio Lopez (Marinera Norteña)Ritmos Peru para Soy Andina




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